Littleton School Name

Welcome to the Fine Arts Academy

Welcome to the home of the Falcons! The Fine Arts Academy integrates all areas of fine arts throughout language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. In order to promote creativity, we provide multiple opportunities for students to design, perform, and share as a community. As our students go through each grade, they explore various aspects of the arts. We are a school environment filled with learning and creativity!

We appreciate your choice in the Fine Arts Academy and invite you to explore our website to learn more about who we are and what exciting events will be happening for your Falcons during the 2016–17 school year.

A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to your new school! Your administrative team, teachers, and support staff are excited to be embarking on this new adventure with you.  

As our inaugural year continues, we realize how lucky we are to serve you. It has been extremely exciting to watch your studios being built and filled with desks and instructional materials. We have imagined what our classroom studios will sound like once our students begin to create, what the hallways, playground, and common areas will look like once our students become falcons. The first year of any school is a great honor to be part of; building and creating the culture together will have lasting impressions for years and years to come. As parents and students of the inaugural year, you will be the founding members of our traditions—beginning with our Falcon festival. You will be the first to wear the Falcon with pride and sing the song with honor. 

We believe: We have a dedicated teaching staff who will provide a quality learning experience for our students. Our support staff will provide a safe, clean, and caring learning environment. We know, you, the parents of our Falcons will be supportive and expect the best for your children.  

Remember—"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun." Let's Rock!


Susan Gibson